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  Claude's big truth: I spend a lot of time moving through peoples' homes, their bedrooms. You get to know them if you see them when they think they're alone. You see them for what they really are: selfish, deceitful and gassy.
  Isaac Mendez: This city took me in. Everthing important that ever happened to me, happened here. Good. Bad. You. Now it's all going to be destroyed because I can't stop it.
  Simone Deveaux: You don't know that.
  Isaac: It keeps coming back. Worse every time. You saw what this looks like after the bomb. The world will never recover from that.
  Simone: That's not true. You can't lose hope.
  Isaac: What hope is there?
  Simone: There's you, what you can do. Why else would you be allowed to be able to see the future, unless it was to do something about it? You can't just see the future Isaac - you make it. You'll find a way.
  Isaac: You really believe that?
  Simone: You'll find a way.
Nothing to Hide
  Charles Deveaux to Peter Petrelli: You speak your mind. You know who you are. You know what you want. That's your power. That's your strength.