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The Eight Doctors Terrence Dicks
Samantha Jones: He [the Eighth Doctor] was a very good-looking man. Pity he was barmy.

Vampire Science Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman
  General Kramer: Typical, isn't it? You put in all the effort to keep them
safe, and then they go off and put themselves right back in danger.
  The Doctor: If anything, it's got worse these past few years.
I just thought it would be a good idea to talk to someone who didn't have
inexplicable urges to run off with me.
  General Kramer: You should get used to it. As far as anyone can
tell, you're a young, single male with a mysterious past and an life of adventure.
Of course, they're gonna flock to you. They don't see the
thousand years, or what a job saving Earth all the time is.
And besides, chicks dig the time machine.
  The Doctor: It was never like this before.

The Bodysnatchers Mark Morris
  Sam: So where do the Zygons come from?
  The Doctor: Originally from a planet called Zygor, but that was
destroyed by a stellar explosion. They're homeless now.
  Sam: Maybe they could get jobs flogging The Big Issue.
The Doctor gave her a withering look...

Genocide Paul Leonard
Sam ... saw the Doctor's face reflected in the dark water. It seemed disembodied,
timeless - no, not timeless. Old ... Inside the youthful
energy, the brillance, was someone who had seen perhaps too many things.

  The Doctor: We all have to be Daleks sometimes. It's just a matter
of knowing when you really don't have any choice.

TV quote interlude:
Dalek to the Doctor: You would make a good Dalek. /quote

  Something was always wrong. It was really a matter of scale.
Sam had started to rate them in scores out of ten: for instance,
(1) the Doctor had misdirected the TARDIS;
(5) he'd landed them in the middle of a war zone;
or (10) he'd accidentally destroyed the universe.

Seeing Eye Jon Blum and Kate Orman
   The Doctor rummaged through the pouch of bits and pieces he'd
tucked into his sash and produced a slender metal rod with a crystal stuck
in the end ...
    "Sonic screwdriver mark nine," said the Doctor. "It also
    makes splended milkshakes."