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The Five Doctors:
Brigadier: Splendid chaps. All of him.

Doctor Who: Curse of the Fatal Death
(on the Doctor's last regeneration):
The Assistant: Maybe even the universe can't bear to be without the Doctor.

The Five Doctors
The Master: The cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about.

To the Slaughter Stephen Cole (pg. 267):
The Doctor: From time to time we may all come to resent the clutter of the past. The Thought of clearing it all out can be irresistible-
it can feel liberating to let it all go. You could say you're left with a blank canvas, a fresh start ...
Or you could say you're left with nothing at all.

The Gallifrey Chronicles by Lance Parkin (pgs. 278-9):
Discussing the Doctor's plan to leap down a vent shaft on the Vore ship ...
Rachel: "Leaps down?" Fall down, more like. No one could survive that.
Fitz Kreiner: The Doctor could.
Rachel: I can't even imagine how he hopes to beat them.
Fitz: ... Nothing ever ends. Especially not him.
Rachel: He'll die.
Fitz: If he dies, he'll do it saving the Earth and then he'll come back, all new and better than ever.
Trix: With a bit of fashion sense this time.

Rose-introducing the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler:
Doctor: I'm the Doctor by the way. What's your name?
Rose: Rose.
Doctor: Nice to meet you Rose--run for your life!

The Ribos Operation:
K-9 (of Romana): She's prettier than you Master

Doctor Who: The Movie:
Doctor: I love humans. They always see patterns in things that aren't there

Happiness Patrol:
Doctor: I can hear the sound of empires toppling

Grave Matters by Justin Richards:
Janet: So what do you do exactly? You and the Doctor?
Peri: I get confused mostly. And the Doctor, well, he does the confusing.

Instruments of Darkness by Gary Russell (on the 6th Doctor's dress sense):
... the Doctor lacked any sense of self-awareness. He simply would not acknowledge that his outfit frequently drew attention
(usually unwanted-for instance it is very difficult to hide in a rocky landscape from ravenous Bovenites when your
clothing resembles a hippie bus crashing into a paint factory), and he actually, genuinely, believed he looked good. (pg. 79)

Doctor Who: Curse of the Fatal Death:
The Master: Say hello to the Spikes of Doom!
The Doctor: Say hello to the Sofa of Reasonable Comfort.
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