Special Quotes

The Gallifrey Chronicles
Lance Parkin's tribute to the Doctor & his fans. (Pg. 130-131)

The Doctor closed his eyes.
Strip away all the deceptions, uncover the truth.
And the truth is: the Doctor was the finest dream of hundreds of human beings,
refined as they tapped away at their typewriters. For generations, they'd made
him a hero to countless millions in over a hundred countries. Then,
just once, he hadn't come back. His enemies had kept him away. But despite
their best efforts, he hadn't been forgotten. There were those who
remembered him when they walked past a dummy in a shop window or sat
on the beach looking out to sea, and every time they ground pepper.
Some of those who remembered had typewriters of their own.
And after far too long, a new generation of children were about to hear that
music for the first time, and they would hear their sofa wasn't just
for sitting on ...

Human Nature
Paul Cornell 1995

Iíve found out that being the Doctor ... itís not about having special knowledge or abilities.
Itís about not being cruel. Itís about not being afraid.
There are monsters out there, yes. Terrible things. But you donít have to become one in order to defeat them.
You can be peaceful in the face of their cruelty. You can win by being cleverer than they are.